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Chainsaw Carved Benches and Seats

An image showcasing a selection of there benches and chairs

Many people, through no fault of their own, don’t see Art as being of value in and of itself. A frivolous expense, a luxury to not be afforded. This is due to decades and decades of a prevailing Protestant work ethic and the demonisation of anything deemed “not ‘ard graft!”. The Arts are all, also, tied up in emotions and as a Nation we’ve been taught to get those buried nice and deep, nice and early.

What all people do like, however, is bums on seats. We are fairly well unified in our love of the not quite horizontal. Still alert enough to avoid looking lazy but infinitely more comfortable than being stood up, desperately fighting gravity.. What better way to sneak some lovely art into your lives then, than by justifying it as functional. Takes away all the guilt and allows the ole feelings to remain firmly under wraps.


Carved Wooden Benches inspired by the Lion Kingcarved by Neith Chainsaw Carving Artists
Top o' the Range Chainsaw Carved Wooden Bench

Luckily for you, dear reader, we are the creators and purveyors of such fine products at which to rest your weary feet and surreptitously absorb some culture through your bottom (and eyes obviously).

We can design, using only the power of our minds, a whole array of unique bespoke benches, or seats, that are just as at home in a small garden as lavishly placed around an Estate or Country Park. 

A carving of Odin's Chair carved by Neith Chainsaw Carving Artists
Odin Inspired Chainsaw Carved Seat, Top Spec.

Carved exclusively (going all M&S advert!) from durable, UK grown, sustainable sourced timber, using organic chainsaws (ok that last bit is a lie, but this is marketing, right?). We carve benches ranging from simple stylised ones at £550 (link to those here Our Shop ) to intricate pieces costing many thousands.

We can carve posterior cradles in most themes, being equally at home with animal and human sculpting. So if your outdoor space needs somewhere to sit and contemplate the futility of existence or you need to improve dwell time to satisfy a grant fund application or demographic metrics at your organisation, get in touch here Email Us (and don’t worry we’re not as flowery languaged as this in real life, expect Northern no nonsense, with liberal dollops of dry humour and a touch of sarcasm).

A Wildlife Bench carved by Neith Chainsaw Carving Artists
Back of a Bench, the Opposite of the Front.

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