Being environmentally aware is very important to us as artists and as people. The environment and nature provide us with both life and a living so it makes sense to us to live as lightly upon the Earth as possible. Although engaging with modern society means we have to make concessions and certainly aren’t perfect, we try our best.
A carving of a rainforest tree
chainsaw carving uk
Squirrel Bench
We live in a way that allows us to capture all our energy from the sun. We don’t have running water and so our water consumption is minimal. We use compost toilets. We grow vegetables and harvest wild meat and food. All our heating is from the offcuts we produce and from sustainably sourced firewood. We also recycle and reuse wherever possible, we see this as a creative challenge.
Owl Carving
chainsaw carving uk
Long Dog
chainsaw carving uk
At the moment we use both petrol and battery powered chainsaws although we have a 5 year plan to move completely to electric and battery tools powered by renewable energy. We do, however, run our saws on Aspen, a more environmentally friendly fuel, and we use biodegradable chain oil (lubricant).
he wood we use is U.K. grown and sustainably sourced. Much of the timber we carve is classed as waste.
We plant a tree for every sculpture we produce. We are also moving to environmentally friendly treatments although this is a slow process as we need to find a product that’s both efficacious and that we trust.